Botox treatment

When women seek to rejuvenate the skin of their faces, they can choose between several methods. One of them is wrinkle filling using various materials used for this, such as collagen, Botox, and more. Dr. Ron Azarya uses various types of materials, and thanks to the many years of experience of the clinic, you can receive advice that will enable you to make an informed decision regarding the filling material.

Botox - When Can It Fit?

Use of a substance such as Botox is not suitable for any type of wrinkle, but is certainly appropriate in cases where wrinkles are not very deep. For example, in the case of a woman whose face begins to get wrinkles and wants to blur them. In addition to blurring wrinkles, the use of a substance such as Botox achieves another goal, which is to delay the appearance of wrinkles. The material helps preserve the youthful appearance of the facial skin and is therefore both a filler and a preventative substance, which postpones the end.

Botox - because there are no complications

When you get advice at Dr. Ron Azarya's clinic, apart from the pros and cons of the various methods used to fill wrinkles, you can get an overview of the risks and side effects. In Dr. Ron Azaria's clinic we will be happy to explain to you why there are methods that we would not recommend using, such as injecting permanent fillers into the face, because they can cause complications and side effects.
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