Correcting asymmetry of breast - Who is the surgery intended for?

The breasts contain developed mammary glands. The breasts remain undeveloped until the age of 10-11. At the stage of primary breast development, breast buds develop in girls. The development of one breast more than the other is typical during puberty and is normal. Until the end of adolescence, the situation usually stabilizes. From this initial stage to the full maturity of breasts, the time varies between woman and woman. Some asymmetry between the breasts exists in each of them to some degree or another like the asymmetry of every single body organ.
Breast Enlargement Surgery There is a need to adapt a different volume of implants to each breast to achieve the same size for an asymmetrical breast. This was examined in the initial consultation. By the way, many women with asymmetry of the breasts are unaware of this until the consultation session. The growth of only one breast or the growth of one breast is diagnosed only at the end of the process of ripening the breasts. In some cases, only one breast should be enlarged to achieve the symmetry or reduction of one breast according to the condition, the need and the desire of the patient. Sometimes, Known as the Poland Syndrome. In this situation there is a lack of unilateral development of the thorax on various components, namely ribs, chest muscle (factorialis), breast and nipple. This syndrome is not hereditary. The lack of development of the thorax can manifest itself in different forms and will not always include all the components. Sometimes, all of its expression is in a smaller breast only. In more extreme cases, complete and complex breast reconstruction may be necessary.
A problem in the lack of development of one breast or insufficient development of one side

Preoperative Surgery

1. First define the size of the asymmetry. Is significant asymmetry or asymmetry easy. Measure the quality and quantity of breast tissue that is present at the top and bottom of the breast and below the nipple. We appreciate skin quality and stretch marks.
2. Before the surgery, decide on the appearance of the breast desired by the patient, and in cases where breast volume is small, a silicone implant may be used.
3. In any case, the patient will be told about the operation and may need surgery in stages, ie, more than one surgery. We recommend a more natural appearance, proportional to the structure of the thorax, shoulder width, hip and pelvis and even the back ballet.


The procedure is similar to breast augmentation, breast lift or lifting and enlargement. However, surgery to correct asymmetry, even in lighter cases, will be longer. In cases of large asymmetry, it is possible to split the surgery into two operations. Keep in mind: Final results after this surgery are made after only a few months. In the first months the breast may look different and different from its final shape. In this analysis, doctors rely heavily on the experience they have acquired over the years in the hospital and private practice in reconstructive surgery and breast reduction in order to obtain the best aesthetic result.
Asymmetric breasts at a slight grade 23 years before birth. Asymmetry to be treated using implants of different volume.
Asymmetry of a higher grade of 30 after birth and infancy. Right breast - suitable for enlargement only, but left breast suitable for lifting and enlargement
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