For who Buttock design surgery is suitable?

Because the shape and size of the buttocks are relatively difficult to change through exercise, so many are turning to the buttock design solution. There is an associative relationship between the buttocks and the breasts. This relationship is expressed in similar anatomical structures such as: the groove between the buttocks, the fold beneath the buttocks, the round structure of the buttocks, the fat and the muscle supporting the buttocks. Similar processes will occur both on the breasts and on the buttocks: a fall of the buttocks due to age, a change in shape due to weight loss and changes in body weight, flat buttocks, large buttocks and buttocks.
  • This surgery is suitable for both men and women of all ages.
    Congenital cases where the buttocks flat. Sometimes the waist above the buttocks is filled with a fat pillow that disguises the buttock ballet. Sometimes a fat pad under the fold of the buttocks and back thigh above masks the ballet of the buttocks as well.
    Weight loss, especially rapid weight loss, extreme without strengthening the buttocks muscles will cause the buttocks to empty volume and drop down (similar to the procedure that occurs in the breasts)
    Age – As age increases, the elasticity of the skin decreases, resulting in a decrease in the buttocks accompanied by stretch marks, cellulite and more.
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Options forButtock design surgery:

1. As with breasts, it is possible to increase the volume of the buttocks by means of silicone implants that are fitted to the buttocks, and the advantage is that it can be performed for very thin people, and the implant is inserted under the large buttock muscle through a narrow opening in the groove between the buttocks. A small implant with slightly more complications than an implant Has a large volume. 2. Another disadvantage - the possibility of rejection of an implant. 3. Liposuction: In some cases, the buttocks can be enlarged by pumping around the edges, ie pumping at the hips, the outer and inner thighs, and the upper posterior thigh under the fold of the buttocks.This is the method of choice in most cases where the volume of the buttocks is increased. The fat extracted from the patient's body undergoes a short process of filtration and preparation and immediately after it is injected directly into the patient's bottom.

Buttock design surgery - The next steps

After the buttock surgery, the patient will remain in the recovery department for about two hours to ensure a slow, safe and gradual recovery of the patient. The patient will then be monitored for several days. During recovery, the patient will have to be wearing a garment for about 4 weeks. No seams are removed, since the internal seams are self-dissolving and biological adhesion is carried out. Immediately after buttock design surgery, it will be difficult for the patient to sit on the buttocks, but within a short time this pain will disappear and the comfort sensation will return. It is highly recommended to return to sports activities gradually after about a week, following training you will receive from the clinic staff. The results from this analysis will be seen the following day, however, sports activity and lifestyle changes will result in a more extensive change that also includes areas not treated directly in the analysis. This is an operation that changes the body, and its effects are evident on the body even beyond the period of several months after surgery.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantage: In most cases there is abundant fat. This is self-tissue that does not undergo a chemical process (read more - self-fat injection). Fortunately, in the buttocks the percentage of absorption is high (more than 80%) and we will not usually need another injection. Moreover, the fat absorbed in the buttocks is not palpable and appears to be an integral part of the buttock fat even in microscopic examination. Disadvantage: The procedure requires a lot of fat (over 2 liters of fat at least for pumping). It is also limited in addition to volume (you can not increase the buttocks in fat injection that will cause a very radical change) and in these cases we will need to repeat the action after several months. The main problem is for thin people who do not have enough fat to inject. Lumbar lift / surgery: This is a surgical operation that combines a loose stretch of the buttock and the outer thigh, changing the fat volume in the buttocks and thigh, shaping the buttocks and thighs by increasing the tissue volume and elevating the buttocks to a higher position (similar to the reasons for lifting the breast). Advantage: The benefits of this analysis are numerous. The first surgery can cause a significant change in the appearance of the buttocks and thighs, including the volume dimension (large liposuction can be done without worrying about falling skin of the buttocks and thighs). Following this surgery the entire body changes, the posture is safe and the profile more homogenous. The operation is technically complex, but recovery from it is relatively easy (compared with a tummy tuck, for example) and the return time to a short routine. Disadvantage: The main problem in this surgery is the scar. For some reason, people recoil from a scar located above the buttocks (the line between the buttocks and the lower back to the groove). However, there are cases where the traction will be diagonal and then the scar will be the groove between the buttocks. For the most part, there will be no problem with the scar and it is placed nicely inside the bikini line. It is now possible to treat cases of large buttocks and wide hips with loose skin, accompanied by irregularity and cellulite by large pumping and stretching of the thigh / buttocks.
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Change the fat volume in the buttocks and the outer thigh
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