Lip care is intended for two groups of patients:

Lip thickening treatment to create fuller and more sensual lips. Treatment designed to rejuvenate the appearance of the lips, as an integral part of the treatment of the young woman shows the face while avoiding lip thickening. The advantage of the lip thickening method lies in its simplicity and effect: injection of a needle through thin needle, immediate recovery, short side effects Range, low complication rate and also very good lip design for almost every lip shape. Lip thickening is done as part of a clinic. It can be performed without anesthesia or under local anesthesia.

Pre-treatment assessment

Before treatment, check the shape of the lips and face including jaws and teeth, pay attention to the symmetry of the lips and especially the patient's desire. Lip thickening is an art in itself. Patients need to know that even in the most highly-held hands, it is not always possible to achieve the desired results. There are several types of substances for lip thickening: absorbent fillers (temporary) and not absorbed (permanent).
Lip thickening is an art in itself

1. A non-absorbent permanent filler is a medical silicone that has been processed until it is fit for injection into the body’s tissues and with few side effects. The advantages are clear:

  • Provides a full texture to the lips,
  • It is possible to design the interior of the language, not just the lipboundary and the slow and gradual change.

The main drawback is the number of visits and stages of gradual change. In each session, inject a minimum amount and spread the treatments at a minimum of two weeks intervals. In this way, it avoids the formation of lumps at the injection site and the incorrect or homogeneous location of the material.

2. The temporary filling material absorbed, based on the existing natural materials deepest layer of the skin (collagen and hyaluronic acid). Because the material is biological, the body breaks it down in natural processes over time (several months). They do not create an allergic reaction and rarely produce an inflammatory response. The duration of the effect of all filling materials is approximately one year and is completely reversible.

3. Fatty filling material. Lip condensation can be performed either by injecting fat taken from the body of the patient: fat is a natural material, is not a small amount of the body, and can thicken effectively thin lips and long and time-consuming. In this action, we take fat tissue from another part of our body, drain the fat and inject it into the lips. The benefits are obvious, it is a completely natural substance which can survive for many years.
Its drawbacks lie in the fact that only part of the injection will survive and be absorbed into the tissue, and therefore the action must be repeated until the desired effect is achieved.

Complications and side effects

After thickening of the lips, there may be swelling which will usually pass within a few hours. This swelling may recur in the early morning, a few days after the injection, and it will go away after a few minutes.

Dryness and peeling of lip

Because of the use of the injection, a hemorrhage may occur. Usually occurs in the upper lip with a frequency of up to 2% of all patients and will disappear spontaneously after about four days. Patients suffering from chronic herpes in the language will take pills to prevent the herpes outbreak. Gums may be present at the various injection sites and are an integral part of the lip volume desired for the language. The chances of these lumps showing outward are lower. If a bothersome lump is formed, it can be treated in most cases simply or completely. ** Side effects will be discussed extensively with Dr. Azaria before surgery
Thickening lips to create fuller, more sensual lips
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