Who is the surgery for?

Liposuction is suitable for both men and women. The treatment is suitable for patients who have excess fat under the skin, which is not accompanied by high body weight (obesity) and excess skin that is not stretched. Patients will often report that they are unable to ``dismiss`` this fat in diet and sports. Liposuction is suitable for patients with reasonable body weight, normal skin tone, and abnormal body structure resulting from multiple fat cells in certain areas. Example: </ b> Women often suffer from fat on the pelvis (hip) Raising the gap between the legs). Men will turn more to perform pumping to shape the front abdominal wall and waist. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia only.
שאיבת שומן מחיר
Before and after liposuction surgery

Preoperative surgery:

First check the quality of the skin. After removing the subcutaneous fat volume we expect the skin to contract for a smooth surface. Skin and skin stretch marks are a sign of damaged skin elasticity that will make it difficult to achieve large liposuction and can cause skin folds and dents. Zololite - sunken points on the skin surface that can usually be corrected by gentle suction. It is necessary to clarify the background diseases that may endanger the patient's health, such as: obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc. It is also necessary to clarify the medications taken regularly by the patient and sensitivities.


The surgery was conducted in a hospital under general or local anesthesia in small liposuction. The length of surgery depends on the amount of planned liposuction. During the operation, fluids are dripped into the subcutaneous fat drum. The pumping then begins through a small number of openings (less than half an inch) in those areas requiring treatment. The small openings are sewn in seams made of melting threads and do not need to be removed. After surgery, use a belly belt, which lasts most of the day for about 3 weeks.

Complications and side effects:

The most common complication after liposuction is skin irregularity and uneven surface. In order to determine whether a correction is needed, it is necessary to wait 6 months after the surgery so that the edema and swelling will absorb and disappear. Other complications include: serotonin and hemorrhage, hyperpigmentation, infection, circumcision, fat embolism and pulmonary edema. These complications were directly related to the volume of pumping. Ie pumping over 5 liters increases the chances of complications compared to small liposuction in total healthy individuals.

** Side effects will be discussed in detail with Dr. Azaria before the lipoprotein tips:

That is, you must pump out the fat. Pumping in areas that are limited in volume and quantity can be performed under local anesthesia. Liposuction only It is not effective in cases where the skin envelope is not elastic and elastic, such as thin skin and excess, irregular skin, cellulite and stretch marks. In these cases it is very desirable to perform stretching (such as tummy tuck, neck, hip, etc.). It is possible to recuperate and remove extra fat from a place that has already been pumped. You can always improve (to a certain extent of course). But a correction to the area from which too much fat was removed and sagging and sagging skin was very difficult to repair.
שאיבת שומן
Women often suffer from fat in the outer thigh and inner thigh (which increases the gap between the legs)
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