Research on gold earrings for women

According to a study conducted by the Plastic Surgery Department at Beilinson Hospital, Clalit Health Services. The study, which was first published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, was conducted among a representative sample of 547 subjects, 70% of whom were women And 30% men, and was conducted to determine the length of the ear lobe between the ages of 20-80 and to examine the factors affecting the length of the earlobe.
Before and after surgery
Before and after surgery

Earrings create a small inner scar in the lobe

The importance of these data is when you want to perform plastic surgery in the face, which is important along the length and size of the ears. The main causes of changes in the size of the earlobes are age and sex - as age increases, the ear lengthened. This trend is more pronounced in women, but among women over the age of 40, the rate of growth of the earlobe is small. The researchers also found that men's earlobes are usually longer than women's. In both sexes it has been shown that the left earlobe is usually shorter than the right, and ethnic, ethnic, and height origins have no effect on the length of the earlobe. It is found that the shape of the ear also affects the length of the earlobe - when the ear is partially attached to the face, the lobe is longer than the ear is fully connected. Dr. Ron Azaria of the Department of Plastic Surgery stated: ``Sometimes we find that plastic surgeons perform a facelift surgery Without reference to the earlobe. The earlobe is one of the organs that ``gives away`` the age of the patient. It is therefore very important that doctors and patients take note of this data and accordingly plan the surgery. In addition, it is important that surgeons know that the shape of the ear affects the lengthening of the lobe and will consider this by choosing the correct surgical technique for each ear shape. ``
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