There are a number of cases where nipple repair is required

For example, in men where the nipples are very prominent above the thoracic line, this is a social difficulty, especially when the nipples protrude through a shirt. For women, however, there are cases where there is asymmetry the size of the nipple, large nipples, sunken nipples, split nipples or lack of nipples.
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Nipples for men:

In this case, the main complaint is usually pronounced nipple. When most of it stands out through the shirt and can cause social embarrassment. The solution is to shorten the nipple under local anesthesia only.

Female nipples:

These situations are quite common and may be one or two sided. Before the surgery, the nipple level of the nipple should be checked, which can be very slight (a sagging nipple sticking out in light contact) to hard times when the nipple is so absorbed that it is almost completely missing. The correction in these cases is quite the same and is performed under local anesthesia. Through a small incision, the nipple is released from the tissue that prevents it from exiting.

Broken nipple repairs

There are cases where nipples have a cleft that crosses them into two or more parts. The nipple has no normal appearance, and unlike a sagittal nipple, there is a lack of real tissue, which should sometimes be restored completely and there is no use of the existing nipple beads. This surgery can be performed under local anesthesia, sometimes with breast augmentation or elevation.

Nipple Recovery:

Restoring the nipple and glans are the final and final stage of the normal tissue in breast reconstruction after resection. Sometimes it can appear as a complication after breast reduction or any other surgery. Most of the nipple reconstruction is done by self-tissue from the area. For the reconstruction of the cornea, a skin graft or a tattoo with a skin color can be used. This treatment is performed under local anesthesia and recovery from it is very rapid. The most common complication is necrosis of the reconstructed nipple, but it is rare. In cases of reconstruction of the nipple and glans in the breast reconstructed after excision: the nipple is reconstructed from the local tissue, the glans reconstructed by tattoo color. This procedure is performed after breast tissue reconstruction and after adjustment of the healthy side to breast size. (In this case the breast lift was performed to the right breast).
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