1. Age changes cause, among other things, the drop of the upper lip.

The length of the upper lip (the length between the base of the nose and the boundary of the upper lip) extends over the years and covers the lower third of the front teeth. This condition of a long, droopy language makes the face appear older, drooping, and tired. In order to refresh the appearance of the lips (which is a very important factor in the appearance of a young and fresh face), shorten the distance between the nose and upper lip, lift the lip and emphasize the line of the upper lip with or without filling the fillers afterwards.
Left: Long upper lip covers the front teeth. Right: After surgery, a scar at the base of the nostrils. The upper lip length (indicated by an arrow) is shortened.
A tight lip with a large gap between the base of the nose and the upper lip. Right: After a shortening of language and lifting with emphasis on lip fullness

2. Long lip at a young age

In some cases, in order to correct the upper lip, a short distance between the lip and the base of the nose and the outside stripe of the lip lining is needed to create a more sensual appearance of the lips. People who want to create a fuller lip appearance may be disappointed when a lip filler does not give a good result (lip thickening failure). In such cases, it is necessary to examine whether there is room for surgery that will shape and redefine the appearance of the upper lip.

3. Short lip Gummy smile

In this case, which differs from long lips, the length between the nasal language can be short or normal. However, you can clearly see the upper gums mainly during a wide smile. The reason for this is the presence of a muscle that runs from the tip of the nose to the lip lining. There are cases where the muscle is longer and then you can see that the tip of the nose moves while talking or smiling.
Another example of lip lift

All of the above can only be performed under local anesthesia without the need for general anesthesia or long-term hospitalization. During the surgery, measurements are made that redefine the proportion between the lip, nose and the space between them. The incision is located in the floor of the nozzle that is not visible. The healing process is short, accompanied by a little swelling and rarely with blue marks. After a week they remove the stitches. Only after a few months can you consider adding lip fillers.

This is done under local anesthesia when the language is extended by extension of the fernolum (upper connective tissue) and detachment of the excess muscle (cut) from the upper lip mucosa on the inside and the incision is sewn by absorbent thread. The recovery procedure is very easy and is accompanied by local swelling and the possibility of a slight blood flow.

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